Happy National Retro Day!

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Circa 1987

Winter Bugs

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It's that time of the year when illness seems to multiply.  I've heard of a number of people with stomach bugs, respiratory illness, strep throat, etc.  I think we all wince  when we hear someone cough or sneeze; especially after the paranoia instilled by the pandemic.

Hopefully, we are way past such a terrible thing as COVID-19 wreaked upon us.  Still, I urge you to use caution and show consideration for others, by staying home if you don't feel well.  We will make up the lesson.  

Thank you for continuing to observe our guidance that predates the pandemic of rescheduling if you or your student are ill or have symptoms that would leave you to believe you are becoming ill.

Stay safe out there!  See you at your next lesson!



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It's that time of the year to gear up for Festival.  Students have been working very diligently toward their goals.  There are already 33 students enrolled for Pedal Point Music's Festival.  In addition, students of Miss Eriko are involved in one outside of Pedal Point Music as well. Those are some awesome numbers, but there's room for more!

It's not too late to let your instructor know that you want to participate.  The festival is March 23 & 24.  However, you need to let your instructor know to register you now!  This will still give you time to work on your 2 songs and scales for the event.  If you don't want to perform for the event, you can still earn points by taking the theory exam that weekend. Or do both! ☺

It's going to be a fun event and I want everyone who wishes to participate to do so!

Will Suit