New Boardwalk!

Tuesday, February 7, 2023 by William Suit | Uncategorized

Everyone is excited to see that the new boardwalk on the front pathway is now open!  Clients will enjoy entering the building via the front of the building now.  I'm told by a very observant young student that it takes 40 seconds to descend the back approach but only 23 seconds using the front path.

So, you are now asked to resume the practice of using the front parking lot and approach the entrance from the new boardwalk.  

Fun times!


The Owl Says, "Hoo!!!!"

Thursday, February 2, 2023 by William Suit | Uncategorized

Students arriving at lessons this week are noticing a couple of things around here.  First of all, we have an improved approach to the entrance from the front of the building that will open this weekend.  I'm so very impressed with the beauty and practicality of this wonderful addition to the property of our location.   Thank you to our wonderful landlords!

Inside there is excitement over the trees filled with owls that are appearing in each studio.  Every student will see an owl with their name on it as they come to lessons next week.  Many are already in place now.  How exciting!  This is all in preparation for next month's "Flight of the Owls" challenge.  A big announcement about that will be out in a couple of days.

So, get busy on  your songs and assignments.  You have some wonderful opportunities ahead.