Getting Off on the Right Foot with Music Lessons!

Thursday, July 21, 2022 by William Suit | Uncategorized

A new year of music study is only a few days away as the summer months begin to wind down.  Pedal Point Music is ready for you and all of the instructors are excited to pursue a great year of music goals!  New students are enrolling and existing students are preparing to resume.  

Here are some pointers to get your new year off to a great start:

  • Read and sign the school policies. (Questions?  Now is the time to ask!)
  • Review the calendar.  It is your course of study and will be followed.
  • Note your instructor’s pricing. Updated pricing is effective August 1st. 
  • Plan to attend the picnic August 14 at Pernoshal Park! Pack a picnic lunch and bring your family.  We will have fun!

If you know someone contemplating music lessons, please tell them about Pedal Point Music!  For each family that is successfully enrolled by referral, the referring client receives a credit of $37.50 on his/her account! Just send them this link, https://www.pedalpointmusic.com/Enroll,  so that they can complete registration. Remind them to use your name as the referrer.  Thank you in advance!

There are now four instructors at Pedal Point Music and we anticipate adding a fifth in the Fall.  

We are all  looking forward to the first week of lessons that begins Monday, August 8th!