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A Hockey Stick and a Guitar

Monday, June 25, 2018 by William Suit | Uncategorized

A few months back I was at the airport for an early flight.  The atrium was not as busy as usual.  Perhaps it was because of the tragic circumstances to the west with all of the flooding.  I'm certain many flights and plans were postponed.  Nonetheless, there I sat.

I was watching people pass and surmising what brought them to this place at such an early hour, when suddenly I heard a reverberating crash that I fully recognized.  It was the sound of a wooden, acoustic instrument hitting the ground.  I winced.  Then I saw a little boy with a mop head of blonde hair swooping up an acoustic guitar.

As an adult, I wondered why that guitar was not in a protective travel case.  Then the little boy, holding the instrument by the neck, threw it onto his shoulder and ventured forward with the cart.  I laughed out loud as his mom turned around and suddenly realized the difficulty he was having handling the cart.  She quickly reached into her baggage cart and pulled out a hockey stick.  She passed it to him and took control of both carts.  I laughed quietly at this point and watched them venture toward baggage claim.

A hockey stick and an acoustic guitar; this kid had it going on!  Later as I was awaiting my flight people moved about with little enthusiasm for whatever was happening at the moment.  Most everyone appeared to have secure luggage and all of their toys and belongings were safe. A lady was carrying what appeared to be a violin case, careful not to bump it or drop it.  Beside her was a guy busy on his laptop, with a Bluetooth in his ear.  He seemed to have a nice computer bag and it appeared to be meticulously organized.  Frankly, though, he looked bored and uninterested.

I kept thinking about that kid and his guitar.  He was so proud of it.  Even though, I'm sure the hard floor did him no favors (and I hope his mom buys him a case), I can't argue with the enthusiasm.  Who knows?  He probably brought it along to show his grandparents.

How enthused are you about your talent?  How excited are you to play or sing?  Does it drive you to make accommodations when you travel so that you can enjoy it?   My son cannot pass a piano without playing it.  There's an airport through which we pass that has a grand piano in its atrium. Anyone is welcome to play it. If I don't walk past it, he's tugging at my arm, demanding that we go there before we depart.  People pause to listen and give encouraging words.  Some walk by and scowl.  (What's that all about?)  He's oblivious to everything but the music.

We as musicians have the privilege and absolute delight of bringing people face to face with their thoughts and emotions.  May we never lose the enthusiasm that drives us to share that talent with others.  So, grab your hockey stick and sling that guitar over your shoulder!  Bring to your world the sound of your heart!  Now go play your songs!  Will